Sabre is very proud to have recently worked with the Massachusetts Dental Society on reinventing their Yankee Dental Congress brand identity and branding their annual conference and exhibition for 2015.

The Massachusetts Dental Society (a.k.a. Mass Dental), a 5,000-member division of the American Dental Association, is dedicated to improving the oral health of the public and the professional development of its member dentists and their dental teams. Through their Yankee Dental Congress, they are able to provide the best quality education, networking and dental tradeshow all under one roof in New England.


Yankee Dental Congress 2014

Yankee Dental Congress which features the latest information and innovative breakthroughs in the dental industry, is a highly anticipated event by attendees and exhibitors alike, attracting approximately 28,000 dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and students every year. Mass Dental hopes to grow even further to draw more than 30,000 attendees in the coming years! In doing so, they felt the need to rebrand. That’s where Sabre comes in.

Mass Dental defined their goal of needing to attract more attendees to their annual congress by targeting and appealing to younger audiences, while also maintaining the same loyal following they’ve enjoyed for years. They wanted their core branding to have a more energetic, progressive look and feel, while sticking with the recognizable color palette for which they had become known.


The New 2015 Yankee Dental Congress Logo

As Sabre took to the drawing board, we also took the wishes of our client to heart. We needed to create an impressive mixture of old tradition with new energy. Their new logo depicts a North Star/Compass symbol, which portrays New England’s rich nautical heritage and represents the beacon that leads toward discovery and technology. The deep blue color of Yankee is their primary branding color, conveying a sense of trust, authority and stability. The deep red/burgundy tone stands for determination, passion, strength and volunteerism—a top priority for Mass Dental. The lighter, more vibrant blue color represents energy and the technological progress of future Yankee Dental Congress meetings.

With the new identity came the necessity to create comprehensive branding guidelines. This was critical in ensuring that all future marketing materials stay true to the new brand image and offer consistency and clarity for brand recognition. The new branding, combined with the robust and powerful theming for the 2015 expo, are sure to make Yankee Dental Congress an enormous success in 2015!

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