One of the best ways to get in touch with your target audience is to seek them out directly. Instead of waiting for them to come across your ad, bring the advertisements to them, via email or snail mail. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing to use email marketing or direct mail—or both.Email-Marketing-Direct-Mail

Cost vs. Profit
Cost and profit are big factors in your decision to use email, direct mail or both. Because email marketing does not necessitate the use of postage, envelopes and printed marketing materials, it is generally much more cost effective than direct mail. On the other hand, many businesses find a slightly higher response rate with direct mail.

Our suggestion: If you’re going to invest in print mail, why not increase the overall response by implementing both email and direct mail campaigns?

You’ll also want to consider demographics—especially the age group of your audience. Is your target group digitally savvy? For example, if you’re selling health insurance to the elderly, it’s more likely that your audience will respond to direct mail. But if you’re selling tickets to an outdoor music festival, chances are your audience will be more tuned in to email communication.

Our suggestion: A one-two punch with email AND print mail can help reinforce your message.

Potential to Go Viral
A huge buzzword in the digital world these days is “viral.” Sharing your message via email can quickly multiply your reach when your target audience forwards your message to others, so make sure you’ve honed your message so that it has the potential to go viral.

Our suggestion: Figure out what your target audience responds to, and send out content that resonates with them.

Personalization can also be a factor in email marketing and in direct mail. Consider using personalized URLs (PURLs) or variable data to customize the message to the recipient. This will make customers feel like you are reaching out to them specifically.

Our suggestion: Make your customers feel important by personalizing the messages you send them.22590mlnf83insa-300x225

Choosing between mail and email is a process that depends greatly on the personality of your business and its customers. Finding the right option can also be a matter of not choosing at all, but going with both!

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