ReiserAs a graphics and web design company, it is often our job to deliver immense volumes of information that is simple and easy to find for the end-user. Since 1985, we have been put to this task by many clients and using nearly all forms of media—video, film, interactive kiosks, brochures, printed catalogs and annual reports. Now, and for over a decade, we have become accustomed to more information delivery on the web than any other method, utilizing complex architectures, client controlled content management systems (CMS) and custom database driven website applications.

Sabre Digital Creative has had the pleasure of maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients. While a number of our clients often come back to us year-after-year to develop a new advertising, collateral or marketing campaign, we find many come back to give their website a “face lift,” which many sites need every couple of years. These face lifts are often necessary to update branding, to be more compatible with the latest browsers, or to just keep up with the ever-changing technology of the worldwide web. Often times, a company simply outgrows their site because there is more information than the original website architecture can support.

One of our clients, Reiser, a leading international supplier of processing and packaging equipment for the food industry, came back to Sabre to redesign and update their original website, which we first developed for them in 2003. Our client wanted to increase their online product catalog with an expandable architecture for future additions. Reiser offers dozens of products with an infinite number of solutions to service most areas of the food processing industry. To demonstrate their capabilities, they rely on a vast video library detailing their custom solutions and wanted this available to all online visitors.

Sabre developed a custom website solution that has an expandable architecture and includes more than 90 online product catalog pages, all with supporting sub-pages, downloadable brochures and specification sheets, and an extensive library of over 130 high-quality streaming videos. With the new design, users can reach any product or feature within the site with as little as three simple clicks of the navigation.

With the new technologies now available, it is much easier to create a website that is a virtual warehouse of information that is simple for even the client to manage, update and expand. There are more open source CMS options (i.e., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), web hosting solutions and reliable technologies readily available that are making complex websites more attainable and cost effective for our clients.