A prettier web interface, that is.
It’s not just a pretty face…it’s much more friendly, too (as in user-friendly and SEO-friendly)! Here’s why:

It’s Easier to Navigate.
A website’s navigation system is among the most important of web features to get right. After all, users need to easily navigate a site in order to quickly find the information they are looking for or they’ll get impatient and leave. We’ve taken the hint from visitors of our past websites, and simplified our navigation system. Now, they can go anywhere on our site from either the header or footer!

Sabre's New Responsive WebsiteIt’s Responsive.
Today’s internet is hand-held, and that means a website should not only function correctly but also look great on all types of devices, whether they’re desktops, tablets or smartphones. A responsive website is one that does exactly that – it automatically adjusts its layout based on the screen size it’s being viewed on. Sabre loves this, because it means that our content doesn’t have to be compromised for smaller screens and it eliminates the need for a mobile website, which is great for SEO!

It’s Got a Built-in Blog & Portfolio.
In the past, we have kept the Sabre blog and portfolio separate from our main website. Now, everything is all in one place. It makes the site easier to both manage and improves the user experience!

It’s Highly Search Engine Optimized.
While WordPress is not suitable for everyone – Sabre chose the WordPress platform to build our new site on. It’s an open source content management system (CMS) that makes it easier for even the non-technical average Joe to create and publish content. Yes, we’re web developers, so we don’t necessarily need that type of functionality. So, you ask – why WordPress then? Because Google loves WordPress – and we love Google! Its built-in SEO capabilities alone are enough to make anyone crave a website built on such a platform. And, with the added SEO optimization we perform, it comes up even higher in search engine rankings. It really shows how any company – even one that specializes in search engine optimization – benefits from good SEO.

It’s Easy for Users to Share Our Content.
We’re living in the “social age,” and that’s something all businesses should use to their advantage. As users browse the web, they “share” content they like with their friends, family and colleagues on social platforms, that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Using a WordPress plugin called ShareThis, Sabre’s site visitors are now able to easily share the good work we do with others. And, the more people that see our content means more potential customers, right?

So, what’s your feedback on our new website? What do you like or dislike about it? We take pride in our work…and don’t worry, constructive criticism doesn’t offend us!