value-of-internshipsIt’s no secret that the job market is more competitive now than it has been in the past. Having an internship on your resume could be the very thing that separates you from your peers. Employers want to know that you’ve been motivated to reach for hands-on experience outside of the classroom. Often, just having a college degree is not enough these days—it’s important to have a little something extra. According to a survey in March 2013 from Marketplace and The Chronicle of Higher Education, internships were among the top credentials that employers are looking for in today’s college graduates.

There are lots of other perks to having an internship, as well. Many colleges will offer school credit to students who participate in internships, so you can get closer to finishing your degree and take one fewer classroom course. Internships are also great opportunities to network, both inside and outside of the company for which you intern. Aside from the real world experience you’ll be receiving, if you really impress your supervisor and they have jobs available, you could be offered a full-time position upon completing your internship.

Sabre is proud to offer quality internship opportunities to students. At Sabre, you’ll get direct, hands-on experience in marketing and advertising, and create networking opportunities for the future. Additionally, our internships can be tailored to ensure they meet your university’s credit requirements.

Internships at Sabre have a proven track record: 90% of our former interns have gone on to quickly secure full-time jobs. For more information, check out our internships page, and be sure to contact