Genelec PLAY CampaignFinland-based Genelec debuted their latest home theater loud speaker line at the 2005 CEDIA Show in Indianapolis, as part of a new branding effort with Sabre Digital Creative of Natick, MA. Genelec, a technological leader for high-end active studio playback systems and niche market home theater audio systems, introduced the product as PLAY, a Dolby 5.1 surround sound home theater solution for a broader range of consumer use. The sound system features a smaller size (and price tag) than the rest of the larger, more exclusive, Genelec line.

Sabre’s branding and advertising campaign included product naming, magazine ads, collateral and trade show booth design. The newly branded name PLAY conveys the interactivity of the product to a diverse list of consumer uses, including gaming, home theater, office and cottage use. Sabre’s advertising solutions clearly distinguish PLAY from the competition with details on its powerful application in just about any environment (due to its manageable size) and with messaging that speaks to a variety of end-users.