smartphone-tabletWith mobile web now firmly in place as a frequently used entity, responsive website design has become one of the latest trends in the world of website development and useability. Users no longer rely solely on a desktop computer or laptop for accessing their favorite sites; they now have access to tablets, smartphones and a host of other electronic devices to fulfill their Internet browsing needs. And with so many different mobile devices on the market with varying screen sizes, it’s important for websites to translate accordingly.

Quick History of Mobile Website Design
In the past, web designers only had to deal with one fixed-width frame designed for desktop computers. When mobile internet became a reality, these websites simply didn’t look right when viewed from devices of different sizes. While they looked fresh and clean on a laptop or desktop computer, on a mobile device they were clunky, inefficient, and very difficult to read and navigate.

As the popularity of mobile devices increased, some of the more forward-thinking businesses developed separate mobile websites to bridge that gap. However, web design has come a long way since then. With responsive website design, businesses can hire Sabre developers to create a single site that is adaptable and user-friendly across a range of devices.

Here’s How Responsive Web Design Works
Responsive website design involves using a fluid, proportion-based grid system and flexible images to build websites that provide an optimal viewing experience and allow for easier reading and navigating across a wide range of devices. Responsive websites are like silly putty—they have the ability to bend and curb, essentially morphing themselves into the proper dimensions for any web experience, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Because responsive website design minimizes the need to zoom in and scroll, and generally results in easier-to-read text and more user-friendly navigation systems, businesses that employ this type of design can expect an increased amount of traffic and page views to their sites. In addition, businesses that use responsive website design enjoy the benefit of not having to build and maintain a separate mobile site—which will save time and money.

Let Sabre Help You Build a Responsive Website
Let the Sabre team build a responsive website for your business. See how much easier it will make life for you and your users.

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