When it comes to promoting your business’s brand initiatives, values, and purpose, nothing compares to live-action video. Videos have become an ever-increasingly popular method for companies of all sizes and in all industries to capture their audiences. They can be used to convey messaging and synchronized imagery that depicts anything from company mission statements, core values, competitive edges, philosophies, services and benefits, or any message you could possibly think of! Videos are an engaging way for any business to physically “show their stuff” and motivate the viewer to support their company or organization. It’s now easier than ever to share videos across websites and social media, increasing the number of eyes on your brand and making the investment into the video very worthwhile.

The first step in producing a great video is to establish specific goals for your production. What do you want your video to accomplish? Who is the intended audience? What is an appropriate length for the video? Once you’ve figured that out – what exactly does it take to create, produce and launch a successful video? Here are some tips:

1. Show Off Your Products Or Services

Give your viewers a behind the scenes look at your business to build rapport and let people see what you are all about. Do live tutorials on new products or film interviews with staff members about their specific role. This will help establish a connection with your viewer and allow them to feel like they know the company on a more personal level, which ultimately starts the relationship building process.

2. Ditch The Pitch

Nobody wants to watch a video that is just another sales pitch – even if it is only 30 seconds long. Videos that resemble infomercials can come off as annoying and make your company look greedy and money-hungry. Instead, use strategic, humorous, statistical and creative scripts to captivate your audience and keep their attention.

3. Quality Matters

Not only should your content be high quality, but the production value is equally important. If your video looks like it was filmed in the 1970s, you might be doing it wrong. You don’t necessarily need to have the latest and greatest in cameras and technology [although it could help], but it is imperative that the equipment used is professional grade and up to par with screen resolutions on which your audience will be viewing the video. The lighting, editing, and sound engineering should also be handled by an experienced director and producer for your video to have the polish and finesse that will make your audience take you seriously.

4. Storytime!

Make certain that the script of your video tells a story, whether it revolves around your brand, your customers, your industry – a good script is interesting and educational. Viewers are more likely to watch until the end when they are fully engaged and genuinely enjoying themselves. Getting them to laugh is always a plus, so inject humor when appropriate. Conversely, tugging at the heartstrings and evoking emotion is also effective engagement and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

5. Know Your Audience

The plotline of your video needs to be relatable to your target audience in order to be successful. Discuss the concerns, struggles, goals, and interests of the core group of people to whom you are directly speaking. Connect with them on the deepest level and entice them to support your business.

6. Make It Musical

Music can always add an extra element of excitement and impact to video. Figure out which genre matches the vibe you are going for and captures the mood of your story. The right song can enhance emotion and tie the whole video together or help highlight different parts of the video.

7. Use Innovative Imagery

Videos are all about the visuals. Be sure to include dynamic footage in your videos to visually entrance your viewers and keep them entertained and intrigued. If the content of your video is interview-based and doesn’t have room for much pizazz, add in fun backdrops or do the shoot outdoors to keep things stimulating and give your audience something to look at. For truly eye-catching visuals, Sabre can produce your video in state-of-the-art high-definition 1080 or 4K resolutions.

8. Visibility Matters

In today’s internet era, there are many ways to show video (besides purchasing television spots). Uploading to YouTube or Vimeo, social media or your website can sometimes be enough to sufficiently advertise or a way to increase views on top of your ad placement. Boosting your video on these platforms can increase your viewer count and expose your brand to potential new customers.

9. Keep An Eye On Your Stats

Video-hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo collect and store information about all of the videos that are uploaded so that content creators can monitor statistics to figure out what is successful and what is not. You can measure the location and age group of viewers, how long people watch for, when people watch, etc. These statistics are helpful when narrowing down your target demographic and creating new content for future videos.

 10. Call Your Viewers To Action!

Now that you have attracted all of these potential new customers, you must direct them on how they can reach you and what actions they can take! Provide them with your social media handles, phone number or website and let them know that you are there for them. Be prepared for tons of new leads!


Sabre Digital Creative is proud to offer a full range of video production services. To find out more about how our branded promotional videos can boost your company’s visibility and broaden your clientele, call us at 508-652-0012 or e-mail info@sabreimagery.com.