Marketing trends are constantly changing—the most recent and extremely effective strategy is the use of Personal URLs (PURL).

You may be asking yourself, what is a PURL? A Personal URL is a personal website or microsite developed for a single customer. Most PURLs are made to supplement a direct mailing or email campaign. Recipients of a PURL will receive either a letter or email redirecting them to a custom webpage with their name as the URL, such as this: A Personal URL can be customized with photos, video, audio, text and other information that can be directed towards the targeted individual’s interests.

PURLs, while more expensive than a standard direct mailing, prove to be more effective because of their level of personalization. New movies, television shows and big name brands are jumping on board and are reaping the benefits of this new form of marketing. Typically, the first page allows the sender to gain valuable information by confirming the user’s personal information, asking questions, conducting surveys and providing special offers. After confirming their personal information, the consumer is given a link to their personalized website. Once on the landing page, their activity can be tracked—providing valuable information to the company’s sales and marketing teams. There are many advantages that come from supplementing a direct mail or email campaign with a PURL including: increasing response rates, managing customer relationships effortlessly, sending qualified leads to sales teams and creating brand loyalty.

PURLs are catching on quickly—so next time, be sure to check your mail and experience this new form of personalized marketing!