Corporate Gift GivingCorporate gift giving is not a new concept. It has been done for many decades as a means of showing a company’s appreciation for its clients, partners and employees. It is also used to thank loyal customers for their business, or to recognize a valued worker or partner for a job well done.

Corporate gifting can help establish new relationships as well as maintain current ones. While it is a great way to express gratitude or spread a bit of cheer, it can also be part of a profitable marketing strategy. The fact is that businesses who give are much more likely to be remembered and contacted by their recipients than those who don’t. Staying at the top of your clients’ minds is important. With gift giving, you can do just that!

As this holiday season approaches, think about how you can show your clients, partners and employees that you genuinely appreciate them, but not in a way that screams “I’m bribing you to do business with me.” Overly generous gifts tend to blur the lines. Instead, opt for something simple and don’t be afraid to make it creative with something that reflects your brand image! There are many ways to tastefully add your company’s logo to a gift that’s both thoughtful and cost-effective. Sabre has helped our clients produce all kinds of corporate gifts — from fleece jackets, umbrellas, bluetooth speakers and digital photo frames to personalized cookies, chocolates and tins, backpacks, holiday ornaments, bottle openers, drink tumblers and MUCH more. Get creative!

It’s time to make a lasting impression. The holiday season is upon us, so get started today before you’re out of time!