The Lily Konowitz Foundation for Women’s Safety recently helped promote awareness by sponsoring a self-defense class for young women. On July 26th, ninth and tenth grade girls at Camp Tevya in New Hampshire attended the camp’s first-ever women’s safety class. The campers learned how to effectively fend off an attacker and protect themselves in dangerous situations. The event proved to be a huge hit among its participants who, according to Camp Tevya’s Facebook Page, “loved it and have already requested that we make it a yearly event.”

Lily Konowitz, a “Tevya-alum” herself, shares her vision for women’s safety not just with her fellow campers but with people everywhere. Lily knows first-hand how self-defense education can help when in real-life danger after being attacked while alone in a women’s restroom. Unbeknownst to her assailant, Lily had just recently completed a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) System course that helped to save her: Lily screamed, fought back, and successfully overcame her attacker as she was taught.

Lily’s personal experiences propelled her to establish the Lily Konowitz Foundation for Women’s Safety, which provides funding for self-defense initiatives and classes through fundraising events and donations. Her foundation and story have been featured in many news reports and publications, most recently in an article by Linda Fairstein; Cosmopolitan’s Should You Fight an Attacker?. For more information, visit the Lily Konowitz Foundation for Women’s Safety website, call 781-489-1069 or email

Camp Tevya has been a home-away-from-home for 8 to 16 year olds every summer since 1940. Located on Potanipo Lake in Brookline, New Hampshire, Camp Tevya upholds its roots in the Jewish community while encouraging campers “to take chances, to try new things, and to experience the satisfaction of accomplishment every day.” The camp accomplished just that by empowering young girl attendees to stand strong and fight for their personal safety.