Outside InIn March of 2009, Sabre was honored to announce it’s new partnership with The Kasia Project—an organization that had just wrapped shooting and editing on a documentary film about ovarian cancer survivor, Kasia Clark, M.D. The film follows Dr. Clark on an 8-year journey through her battle with ovarian cancer and is inspirational and educational regardless of one’s relationship with cancer. Kasia quickly realized the impact her documentary would have on both general and medical audiences. Through her collaboration with Kat Tatlock, Director/Producer, and Julia Eddy, Co-Producer/Editor, Outside In was born and has gone on to win seven prestigious Telly Awards.

Sabre is currently working with The Kasia Project to help market and promote Outside In for distribution. Through social networking, The Kasia Project has been able to reach many organizations and individuals about the importance of this compelling film. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are the main social media outlets used to spread the word. Sabre is also creating a new WordPress website for The Kasia Project with social network feeds, blogs for the filmmakers and Kasia, and an opportunity for individuals to purchase a copy of the film for themselves.

Recently, Outside In Director and Producer, Kat Tatlock, was recently featured in Imagine, a magazine about film, television, and new media production in the Northeast. The two-page article includes information on Kat’s numerous accomplishments as well as her involvement in The Kasia Project and with Kasia herself. Kat’s picture even graces the cover! And, stay tuned for the release of the new website!