As The Law TurnsKonowitz & Greenberg, Attorneys at Law leaves no stones unturned when working with their clients. This law firm educates its clients about the good, the bad and the ugly with a very realistic approach.

Located in Wellesley Hills, Konowitz & Greenberg covers a wide variety of legal matters, including: Corporate & Business Law, Business & Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Family Law, Divorce, Adoption, Trust Administration and Real Estate Law.

Whether or not they were past Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared” seems to be a motto that Konowitz & Greenberg has adopted; as well as their philosophy of providing proactive consultation and advice. They have been working with Sabre Digital Creative to create a cohesive and consistent brand image through their online website,, newsletter publication entitled The Brief, and now their new must-read blog, “As The Law Turns.”

Konowitz & Greenberg began their newsletter to touch base with those fans and clients interested in updates within the company and field. In an effort to gain exposure and brand recognition, Sabre presented the idea of an online blog that would feature those articles written in their newsletter. The idea of using an online blog seemed like the best way to execute their mission: to keep past, present and future clients and law enthusiasts educated and up-to-date on issues concerning law as well as the law firm itself. Along with providing information, the blog also offers commenting to encourage discussion about topics and give space to provide answers to the readers’ questions.

The blog was created and designed by the team here at Sabre using WordPress. Although WordPress began as simply a blogging system, it has now evolved into an application for managing websites with a full content management system (CMS) and includes the ability to use thousands of plugins allowing us to even connect the blog to Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other social media outlets. Another feature that this blog allows is avatars, which are pages that feature the different attorneys and their bios. This is a great way to get to know the staff at Konowitz & Greenberg. Not only is WordPress great for reaching out to Internet users, but also it is highly search engine friendly!

We encourage you to visit this blog and learn something new! You could find yourself, or someone you know, prepared for an unexpected legal matter in the future.

Konowitz & Greenberg, Attorneys at Law, are not only adding to their repertoire with the addition of this new blog, but they are also looking to expand their team with someone who shares their “be prepared” vision! Visit and get more information.