Radiance WithinWhether you’re looking to gain skills and tools to realize your own dreams, or looking to provide a child with solutions to unhealthy relationships, negative attitudes or anxiety over their future, Radiance Within provides the perfect opportunity. The desire to reach your full potential and achieve success with personal goals is an ambition that Anna Sabatino and Karen Cameron understand very well.

Anna, a certified Empowerment trainer; and Karen, a stellar businesswoman, founded Radiance Within, Inc. in 2005 and began their mission of empowering people of all ages and stages of life through a series of workshops. While the organization had been around for a few years, Sabre first met Anna and Karen in August of 2010, when they asked us to create a website that would create a brand image for Radiance Within as well as translate their ideas of life learning and empowerment into an online resource. Together, Sabre and Radiance Within created a welcoming website that provided information, session schedules and a blog to deliver the most up-to-date news!

Radiance Within addresses tough topics through their different empowerment workshops:

  • “No Drama, No Bull” is the first program at Radiance Within. This workshop is aimed towards children 13 & 14 years of age. This workshop will work with your child to help build his/her confidence, have better relationships, and gain a better understanding of peer pressure and how to deal with it.
  • “WTF: What’s The Focus” is the second workshop and it’s audience is teens of 15 to 19 years old. This workshop’s lessons focus on making good decisions while under the influence of peer pressure, empowerment through self-control and self-confidence as well as the ability to make smart goals. Not only do they speak about how to set goals and make good decisions, but they’re able to use Karen’s specialized knowledge of resumes and career choices, a great resource for those looking towards college or careers.
  • “Radiance Within” is the third workshop and has been developed for adults looking to release their potential. This workshop shows adults the strategies necessary to reach their goals and live their lives exactly the way they want. They do this by participating in discussions, writing exercises, partner work, group sharing and vision boards.