Since smartphones have taken the world by storm, it has become a necessity for businesses to optimize their websites to be responsive and easy to navigate on any mobile device. Many companies have opted to condense their sites into mobile applications that make it easy for users to gain quick access to information, functionality or shopping tools with a simple tap on their screen. We’ve all heard “There’s an app for that” by now. Custom mobile apps can be designed for any purpose; gaming, financial management, social networking, shopping, event communications and management, simplified service, easier navigation and essentially any other use.

Custom applications are a fantastic tool for any company, small or large. They can help connect consumers and help you communicate with them directly and in real time. Many retail-focused apps extend exclusive deals for users, which can motivate people to download apps and use them. Apps like Target’s “Cartwheel” offers coupons on specific items that change weekly to encourage shopping and experimentation with new products. Once downloaded, users can choose to enable push notifications, which will allow you to send alerts and information directly to their phone’s home screen. This can establish and strengthen customer relationships.

Aside from retail, many mobile apps are being created with the intention of bringing groups of people together, like social media app Snapchat that only exists in an app and does not have a website. Apps can serve as forums for discussions, bulletin boards for clubs and organizations to get updates on events and happenings and even a portal for celebrities to interact with fans. Personalities such as Kim Kardashian and her sisters have apps that allow fans to have access to exclusive content such as never-before-seen images and beauty and fashion secrets for a monthly subscription fee. They also live-stream portions of their lives through the apps, giving subscribers a personal and intimate look at their everyday lives. Some business only exist in apps, like Uber and Lyft. These companies depend almost entirely on app usage to gain customers and revenue. Since these companies rely heavily on mobility, their websites are secondary to their apps.

For businesses, there are many benefits to creating custom apps that are for internal use rather than for clients and customers. Apps can serve as a database for collecting and storing client information, documents, forms, schedules, project information, and anything else imaginable. Many apps like this use a cloud storage system to avoid taking up too much space on your actual device. This requires extra security measures, so make sure you are taking precautions to protect your data!

The downside to apps is that they are all controlled and regulated by two companies: Apple and Google. Apple has recently established a new set of rules that restrict just anybody from publishing apps, so it is best to leave this task to specialists.

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