Peckham CPASabre has recently had the pleasure of designing and programming a website for Peckham CPA, a highly acclaimed accountant firm based in Brockton, MA. The firm, started by public accountant Wallace H. Peckham III, specializes in accounting, compilation, review and audit services, tax preparation, tax research, representation before the IRS, business valuation services, implementation of business plans, business purchases and business consulting services. Peckham and his team offer the most reliable and efficient services in the area.

Peckham CPA teaches their clients how to create more successful businesses that in turn, make them more profitable. They assist their clients in developing short and long-term financial plans that help them to achieve their personal and financial goals. Peckham CPA also helps their clients maximize the value of their businesses for the eventual sale or transfer of ownership. The company has received two awards recently from the United Way of Greater Plymouth County and The Suzanne Deslongchamps Community Service Award.

The Peckham CPA website provides its customers with easy access to Income Tax Forms on the home page, as well as a link to an IRS Withholding Calculator. Having the forms posted on the website allows Peckham CPA to supply their clients with necessary tax information that would otherwise not be as accessible. As a business tool, the IRS Withholding Calculator and the posted Income Tax Forms create a straight and to the point approach to any customer viewing the website. Using these tools, clients come to rely on Peckham CPA as a source of vital information and respected financial management. The new website offers another reason why Peckham CPA is a reliable and valuable asset to any individual or business in need of a financial professional.