Content marketing is where it’s at these days. Also referred to as branded content, sponsored content or native advertising, content marketing differs from a traditional advertisement. This new marketing strategy delivers content that is useful and entertaining, and meets a consumer need or satiates an interest. It does NOT push a specific product or promotional message. Often, it can even be confused with regular editorial content on a site.

Content Marketing

So, how can content marketing work for you? If you are looking to start a conversation and build a relationship with your consumers, and are not simply seeking to drive a bargain and spark a quick uptick in sales, or if you’d like to target new customers to increase your market share, then content marketing might be right for your company. To make it work requires finding the appropriate medium to target your customers, whether it’s through blogs, newsletters, social media, webcasts, magazine articles, videos or online communities.

Content Marketing

However, it is important to understand that content marketing must contain effective, relevant content. The piece has to have substance. The subject matter should be both informative and interesting. It must attract and engage readers, and intrigue them enough to share it. And the content must align with your brand and your company’s core philosophy and values, but shouldn’t necessarily be about your brand, specifically. The goal is to establish credibility and trust so that you are the go-to guy when it comes time to buy. You want your company to be top-of-mind once decision time does roll around.

So far, the results for content marketing are encouraging. Consider these stats that demonstrate native advertising’s value to marketers. And then read here to discover surprising facts that convey the importance of starting on your content marketing efforts.

So, get with the times and start generating some useful content!