A picture says 1,000 words. What those words are, depends on the nature of the photograph. When attaching photos to advertising campaigns, it is vital that the imagery relays the exact message that you are trying to convey to your target audience. The photo in an advertisement is the very first thing to catch a viewer’s eye and is more likely to be remembered than a catchy headline or any other copy. Studies show that viewers are 65% more likely to remember the information in an advertisement if it is accompanied by a visual.

Using captivating imagery is key for any brand in today’s advertisement-saturated world. Each day, the average person is exposed to thousands of advertisements on TV, online, on the roadways, in the mailbox, etc., so companies should be mindful when choosing the visuals that will represent their brand. When potential clients view your website, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. When drivers pass your billboard, you have a total of 5-7 seconds for them to process your entire advertisement. Instead of using the expected stock photographs that oodles of other companies have used, it can be worth the extra time and cost for original photography from a customized photo shoot. This gives you the opportunity to depict the picture (literally) and truly embody your brand and company values in the photography. This yields the best results, allowing you to personalize and stylize the images, and visually communicate the exact message that you are hoping for.

Technically speaking, photography has come a long way over the past decade. We are now able to take photographs with extreme clarity that appear in stunning high definition on any display or monitor. When taking photographs for anything related to your brand – your website, social media posts, ad campaigns, etc. – it is imperative that your photos are taken with professional-grade equipment in order to achieve a polished look. Although most of the latest cell phones are able to take high-def photos, they will still not yield the needed fine details as pictures that are taken with a high-end, professional camera. In addition to the pro camera, you will need an experienced photographer (with lighting) to help you achieve the kind of quality images that you need to make your brand sparkle.

The point of a custom photo shoot is to create original and imaginative visual content for your company to have on-hand for marketing purposes. The photos should be consistent with your branding and values. They should evoke an emotional response from viewers, and should be catered directly to the demographic that you are looking to reach. If you include models/people in your pictures, make sure that they resemble your target audience.

Planning ahead is crucial in order to make the most of your investment in custom branded photography, as there are numerous manners in which the images can be used. For example, you may want to use an image in the hero banner on your website, which is likely a horizontal space similar to a billboard. On the other hand, the common Skyscraper ad secured online is slim and vertically oriented. Create a list of shots that are needed so you can capture images that will work with numerous spaces and orientations. You may even choose to include different “faces” in different shots so that your ads can appeal to different audiences. You might include a family in one photo to be used in a magazine ad geared towards parenting, but only use the “mom” of the family in another shot to be used in an advertisement in which the target audience is single women. Each and every photograph should have its own purpose yet still remain cohesive with your overall branding and advertising campaign.


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