Have you listened to any great podcasts recently? People around the globe are flocking to podcasts as a source of inspiration, education and a great way to pass the time while on the road, at home, or at the gym. Did you know that podcasting is also becoming an increasingly effective marketing opportunity for many well-established brands? Whether it’s starting your own podcast, or becoming a guest speaker on already established podcasts, there is a lot to gain when it comes to podcasting as part of your marketing strategy.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of using a podcast to broadcast your message and expertise:

Listening is more accessible than reading for busy consumers

One of the top benefits of podcasts is that the content is so easy to consume. Compared to text or video content, a podcast is essentially hassle free when it comes to digesting the message. Your audience can be driving home from work, at the office, or even working in the yard and still get to hear your message through their earbuds or Bluetooth speakers. In fact, according to The Neilson Company, from 2016 to 2017 there was an increase of 3 million households who identified themselves as avid podcast fans. We are undoubtedly in a new era of how we soak up great content.

What this means for your business as a podcast host or guest is that you are creating a new way for your customers and potential customers to hear your message that just cannot be replicated through articles or videos alone.

The industry is still growing in popularity

Podcasts are not (yet) the #1 talked about way to share content and we think this is great for your business. Why? Entering this space now and starting your own podcast, or becoming a guest on other shows is still ahead of the masses. What we often find with digital marketing trends is that as popular platforms or methods pick up traction, they can quickly become over-saturated and thus less potent as a marketing strategy. But when it comes to podcasting, there’s still a rising trend, which means plenty of space to establish your expertise and become an authority in your industry.

Guests are a great way to grow your audience and reach

Much like guest blogging, becoming a guest on a podcast, or having guests on your own podcast, is a great way to expand your reach. Think of it this way – you get the marketing hype leading up to the guest interview, you get to share your website and any offers you have, and you get an entirely new audience tuning in to hear more about your brand.

Your audience gets an authentic perspective

Another benefit of podcasts is that your audience gets a more personal connection with you and your brand. Unlike many advertisements or curated articles and photos, a podcast is a more real and raw style of sharing your brand’s message. Listeners are hearing your voice and story first hand, which helps create an instant connection to your brand.

So, if you’re thinking about testing the waters of this increasingly popular audio platform, we’ll share a few podcasting tips to turn your show into a successful element of your overall marketing strategy.

1. Create a content schedule like you would for any other content strategy. The quickest way to derail your high hopes of creating a podcast is to feel like you’re unsure of what to say. Spend a good portion of time creating a schedule of exactly what topics you want to cover as well as guests that you’d like to interview. This way there is no guesswork, and you can start recording your shows right away.

2. Set up a recording space in your office. The great thing is that podcasts don’t require too much in the way of equipment or editing because they are meant to be more of a candid or raw interview forum, but you do want to consider optimizing the audio experience for listeners so it is easy on the ears. We’d recommend doing research to find a great microphone and having your computer recording software ready to go. Click here to view the top rated podcasting microphones according to the Search Engine Journal.

3. Develop a launch plan to introduce your new podcast. You can utilize all of your current marketing channels like social media, advertisements, and especially your website to share the launch of your podcast. Even if you haven’t yet recorded all of your episodes, it’s a great idea to start spreading the word as to build hype for the launch date. And remember, your current customers and audience are going to be thrilled to have a new way to connect with your brand so make sure they know about it!

Once your podcast is ready to go with a batch of the episodes recorded and an eager audience waiting to tune in, it’s time to launch! Just remember to have fun in the process, sort of like having coffee with a friend. A podcast, while an effective marketing tool, is still intended to help inspire, educate and entertain listeners in a more casual way.

For help with marketing, producing or publishing your podcast online, be sure to contact our team of strategic podcast marketing experts. We’re here to help with everything from your podcast branding, editing and developing your strategic launch plan.