North Bridge Cricket TournamentJust recently, we were proud to provide one of our hottest clients, North Bridge Venture Partners, with a branded save-the-date video email and electronic invitation (compatible with mobile devices), announcing and promoting their annual cricket tournament for portfolio companies. Held in Boston, teams compete in round robin tournaments on two regulation cricket fields. Sabre captured HD footage last year from the family fun barbecue, along with the play-by-plays of the highly competitive game. When North Bridge approached Sabre to utilize the video this year, we designed a custom event logo and created and managed an interactive email blast for the company, powered by CVent. Sabre edited the HD video footage from the 2010 event so that visitors of the North Bridge website could also watch the highly energized highlight video on their homepage. This year is a record-breaking attendance year, being held this June 11th.

North Bridge, a Massachusetts based venture capital firm, was founded in 1994 and has over $3.2 billion in capital under management.