No matter what type of environment you work in or welcome visitors into, space for visual communications can be tight. With the help of new magnetic technology, you can now maximize your wall space! Magnetic graphics allow you to customize your space in any way that you can think of – the possibilities are endless. Magnetic recycled and sustainable materials are offered in a variety of textures and finishes and do not use any adhesives or glues. You can easily create eye-catching wall graphics, murals, and visual displays. You can even add storage or shelving, dry-erase boards or chalkboards, or interchangeable shapes or graphics to boost organization and storage space.

Any industry can benefit from this innovative technology, and many are already using it. From retail stores to corporate environments, there are many ways that magnetic wall graphics and fixtures can turn your space into a totally personalized workspace for your business. The installation and changing of the graphics is a breeze from start to finish. The initial implementation of the system begins with an iron-based backer and a thin layer of magnetic textile. On top of that, you can easily stick your printed graphics and other components. Although any graphics, signage, chalk or dry-erase boards or shelving must be specially made to work with this system, we offer a wide variety of options available to accommodate any organizational or aesthetic needs.

The versatility of the magnetic graphics system allows for endless ways to make use of under-utilized wall space. In retail environments specifically, visual merchandising becomes effortlessly simple and enjoyable. Ad campaign, promotional signage and branding visuals can be changed in seconds without the need for professional installation. Rather than wrestling with complex hangers and frames, the imagery can simply be peeled off, and the new graphics adhered instantly when applied to the magnetic backer. Sale signs can be added and removed, shelving can be applied to put a featured product on display and any messages to be displayed can be slapped on and removed with ease. Cashwraps can be easily updated to reflect the latest brand initiative, promotion or hot product. Transform the look of fixtures of all shapes and sizes without breaking a sweat! Colors or designs can be changed out as frequently as needed to support merchandise and promotions. The components are all very flexible, so it is even possible to wrap around rounded poles and pillars!

Magnetic systems can also be very beneficial to corporate environments and can have a unique use in every corner of the office. They can be used interactively in conference rooms, with movable dry-erase boards and graphing grids. They can be used in company lobbies for branding purposes or corporate campaigns, in cafeterias for HR initiatives, hallways to depict mission statements and core values, break rooms to display schedules and daily tasks and much more.

In addition to office environments, this technology is seen in many other industries. Museums will often have entire rooms with magnetic walls for interchangeable exhibits. Magnetic fixtures can turn any tradeshow display into a lively attraction for potential customers. They can even be found in pediatric waiting rooms and children’s play areas, with shapes and designs that kids can mix and match for an interactive experience.

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