Business card design is often overlooked simply because it’s easy to forget the important role that a business card plays in the branding and marketing process. A business card, even in this digital age, is a very powerful first impression of your company. It’s not just about having your contact information to hand out. A professional and well-executed business card serves as a marketing tool, introducing your brand, showing your unique style and leaving a marked impression.

If you’re ready to freshen up your business card design, or at least explore possibilities for some polish and shine, here are a few creative ideas to consider:

Video Cards

Using a small USB flash drive, a screen and small speaker, any tech lover can turn a business card into a video. A video business card opens the doors to sharing a lot more than just your contact information. These serve as a fantastic marketing tool to get your company’s message across in a very unique and efficient way.

Make It Pop

Want to take it next level? Die-cutting could be for you! This process uses a die to either cut the card into a custom shape or can even cut shapes out of the card for a knockout effect. If you really want your cards to pop, literally, you can incorporate a cutout shape that pops out of your card. It could be a face, a building, your logo, anything really. This creates more dimension to your card, which is always going to stand out next to a flat business card design.

Bring In The Elements

Who said business cards had to print on paper? If you’re looking for that extra edge, we suggest trying to use a completely new and unique material like metal or wood on which to print your cards.

Embossing and Debossing

The process of embossing is to create a raised texture on the card, while debossing is the opposite effect of creating an indented texture on the card. Both of these techniques use stamps or dies, rather than ink or foil, so the result is a very clean and modern look. You could have your logo or any text or graphics on the card enhanced through these techniques.

Not convinced that a new design is for you? Let’s explore some of the benefits of a well-designed business card and the impact on your branding and marketing efforts.

Networking is still a vital component of marketing because of the human-to-human connection. Sure, a quick email or message online can pass along your contact information, but does it really make an impact? In-person connections, with a great business card in hand, can lead to word of mouth marketing, referrals, new customers, and business partnerships.

Great design matters. If you’ve brushed off your business card design (or web design) as no big deal, or if you’re focused on the cheapest option, that could be reflected in that first exchange with a potential new customer. In fact, within just 50 milliseconds, a potential customer has already formulated an opinion on the aesthetics of your design.

Having a business card handy for a spur of the moment connection is always going to make you and your entire company look professional and well-prepared. So even if you’re not handing out business cards on a daily basis, it should not detract from the importance of having them on hand and on-brand.

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