Whatever you call it – giveaways, freebies, tchotchkes, or swag, investing in custom branded or personalized promotional items is one of the most well-received, cost-effective and profitable marketing strategies to promote your business. Reinforce your brand identity and reach new customers – people love to be given free merch. Having your company logo on something that they will wear or use will repeatedly remind them of your company and the interaction that you shared with them. They may also pass the item on to friends, which could potentially turn into a referral.

With thousands of personalized or customizable items available, there are endless promotional options for businesses in any industry to choose from. Here are ten tips that you can easily implement on how to use promotional items to boost visibility for your company to ensure that your brand is communicating properly with your target audience.

1. Customize For Your Industry
There are almost an infinite amount of items that you can purchase to promote your business. Find things that apply specifically to the industry that you are in that the recipient will appreciate and use. For example, a hospital or doctor’s office could give out branded hand sanitizers, pill containers, ice packs, thermometers, or even first aid kits!

2. Do Themed Giveaways
Themed giveaways are always a fun way to get people excited and give you a chance to show versatility! Are the holidays coming up? Get your company’s logo embroidered on cozy socks, ornaments or mittens! Hosting a cocktail reception? Give away branded martini glasses and shakers for guests to enjoy at home.

3. Use Everyday Products
Find products that people use in their everyday lives so that they’ll always think of your company when using them. Cell phone accessories, bottle openers, pens, travel mugs and notepads are all great examples of everyday items used as promotional products that will have people remembering your brand and reciting your tagline.

4. Give Incentive
Have your promotional item serve as a prize for subscribing to your e-mail newsletter at an event, or as a thank you for purchasing your products or receiving one of your services.

5. Use Promotional Items as Business Cards
Be sure to include your company’s contact information such as a phone number, e-mail address and website URL so that anyone who receives or uses the item will know how to get in touch with you. Some items will even have the space to allow you to include a slogan or a small list of services to give potential customers an idea about what you do and what your company is about.

6. Be A Walking Billboard
Who doesn’t love swag? T-shirts and other apparel items are a fantastic way to increase visibility – literally. When you wear a custom branded item of clothing, everyone will see your company’s name, logo, slogan, URL, etc. This can be a great conversation starter when networking.

7. Cater To the Seasons
Here’s a hot idea for the sweltering summer months! Hand out branded sunglasses, water bottles, visors, towels and tote bags to ensure that everyone knows your company’s name when your customers are heading to the beach, boardwalk or outdoor event. Conversely, personalized hand warmers, ski hats, mittens, scarves, and polar fleece vests and jackets are the COOL-est gifts for hitting the slopes during ski season.

8. Advertise On the Go
Personalized bumper stickers and car magnets displaying your company brand will have everyone in traffic admiring your company’s logo! Raise awareness for your nonprofit organization with a catchy slogan or tagline and call-to-action. Go a step further and add vehicle graphics, vinyl or wraps to market your company and have drivers rubbernecking to catch a glimpse of your brand!

9. Gift Quality Items for the Holidays
At the end of the year, we all want to say thank you to our loyal clients or to our employees for a job well done. Corporate gifting is a common way that companies show appreciation. Spring for a company branded embossed leather journal and pen set or an etched wine glass with a personalized note that says “Thank you for your business!” or “Your hard work is appreciated.”

10. Advertise All Year Round
Branded desk and wall calendars are functional items that will have your company and brand on customers’ minds all year long.

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